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A pile of concrete? A parking place? A desecration of the landscape?
Yes – it is all of these, but it is also a catalyst. To the child in the deep rural area it is life changing. From red earth scuffing toes on the way to the local farm shop to the clean tiled walkways of the new shopping centre. A place to admire and aspire to the goods in the windows.

A place of wonder, milkshakes and the hope for a better future.


  1. Moratiwa Crossing Shopping Centre
  2. Moratiwa phase 2
  3. Keya Rona Shopping Centre
  4. Theku Plaza
  1. Government Pension Office in Kimberley.
  2. Lamauricia Bachelor Apartments
  3. Rebamoritiwa House

Our Team

Mike Masemola

Mike Masemola

Founder and Group Executive

Mike obtained his BA Law degree from the University of Kwa Zulu, Natal (UKZN) (formerly University of Durban, Westville). After working as a paralegal and candidate attorney, Mike answered his calling by moving into the entrepreneur arena, owning over time, a diverse portfolio of legal, micro-logistics and franchises in the telecoms industry.

In 2006 he became interested in property development and created the company Moratiwa Property Development Company in 2007.


As part of his growth strategy, he established an independent investment vehicle known as  REBAMORATIWA PROPERTY INVESTMENT HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD with a 6-year development and direct acquisitions pipeline comprising 60% retail developments in emerging markets, 30% acquisitions in commercial property and industrial developments and 10% in speciality developments and/or direct acquisitions.

Gideon Coetzee

Gideon Coetzee

Development Manager

Gideon also brings much experience to the table. He obtained a B Comm degree, with majors in business management and accountancy and followed up with the National Diploma in Civil Engineering and a post graduate course in Information Management and the Property Development Programme.

His experience helps him in developing strategies to ensure the company’s sustainability and profitability, as well as evaluating new opportunities for growth.



Acquisitions and AssetManager

Andrew has been involved in property for 30 years. His skills include property management, asset management, facilities management, property development and structured property finance.

He spent some years as an independent consultant in the Middle East and was involved in the start-up of major property developments during this period.

Maredi Mampuru

Maredi Mampuru

Non-Executive Director

Maredi serves on the RPIH board. He assists with investor relations and direction on acquiring new investments. He obtained a B Comm degree with majors in Economics and Information technology.

He is currently the Head of Client Relations at ATA capital and was formerly employed at Liberty Holdings and the Momentum group.

Dan Potu Masemola

Dan Potu Masemola

Fuel and Energy

Dan has a legal background and studied ICT and Human Resources.

He is currently studying towards the Advanced Diploma in Business Management. His focus in RPIH is looking at advanced and alternative sources of energy in new builds, considering climate change and the need to ‘go green’.

Tseke Jafta Masemola

The inspiration behind us

Michael Masemola, the founder of the company, derived his passion for retail from his father Tseke Jafta Masemola who ran a small shop in a rural area – at a time when, by law, he was not permitted to own property.

Jafta instilled his work ethic, future focus and wisdom into the young Masemola. Moving from a law degree to retail property development was as a direct result of lessons learnt in early childhood about storekeeping.

The first shopping centre built by RPIH was built on the land where Mike grew up and where Jafta had his store. A fitting tribute to the man.

It is Mike’s vision to enhance the lives of rural South Africans by creating centres of hope – shopping centres, clinics and offices, bringing development and jobs to local communities.

It is not just about Mike, however. RPIH is a team of professionals, well qualified to make his vision a concrete reality.